Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Recap of Today's Activities

I wanted to give a quick overview of what my day looked like today. This is a typical day for us.
10am-2pm Working at GBB- Cutting fabric for patterns, assisting customers, keeping track of the brood!

3-4:45pm Writing articles for AC, cleaning house

The rest of the night was devoted to dinner-making, bedtime routines, and surfing the Net for ideas!

I wrote and submitted 3 articles today and one yesterday. I've started writing 20 other articles that I plan to finish and submit by Thursday.

Here are my earnings so far for July:
CashCrate: $15.78
AC: $3.45
ChaCha: $23.80

Right now it doesn't look like a lot, but it is better than nothing. Also, I am monitoring other signs that things are moving in the right direction. At CashCrate, I've gained 6 referrals now. AC articles are quick to write and people have already begun to view the one article that I have published.
I'll keep you posted as things grow!

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