Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting Started

I'm just sitting down to my first cup of coffee this morning. I wanted to share with you what the purpose and goals of this blog will be. I have an enormously blessed and happy life. Two gorgeous kids and a tireless, handsome guy to share everything with. In February I left a perfectly good job. Not a great job; not my dream job. In fact, it was only good in regards to the pay. I couldn't continue my twelve hour days supporting something that I do not thoroughly believe in. The same week we signed on a new house I quit my job. With no prospects for full time work, I became a substitute teacher. This has gone very well. This is what I would legitimately call a perfectly good job. But not in regards to the pay. I pinch my pennies and do my best but in the end I wonder if I can really come out ahead.

Now, it's summer. The substitute gig won't be back until September. I'm home with my children and that makes me unbelievably happy. Still, there's the niggling thought in the back of my head that I need to figure out a way to earn income while I'm at home. This blog will record my very newbie efforts and, hopefully, help someone else in the long run.

When I say "newbie" I really mean it. I'm not at all Internet savvy (I do have commonsense, however) and most of my earnings will come from online methods since the goal is to stay home. I am such a bonafide newbie that I'm actually impressed with myself for setting up this blog so well. Once, I've learned a bit I may move this blog to my own, hosted website; we'll see. When I read other blogs that talk about feeds, keywords, page views, etc my eyes kind of glaze over. Here, I 'd like to decode that mystery for everyone and give it all meaning.

At the same time, I'll be posting tidbits about our family, our busy life, and home improvement projects with our new home. I'd love feedback and welcome comments and suggestions. If you ever need clarification concerning a topic; please let me know. Let's get started right away. I have a nice smattering of options to share already. I think that no matter what your personal goals are you can find something that's right for you! Good luck, to all of us.

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