Monday, July 21, 2008

Keep Going

It is hard for me to keep steam behind an idea in order to see it get off the ground. I haven't the patience, at times, for anything less than instant gratification. Well, then this venture is giving me a tutorial in how to wait, how to plan, and how to enjoy each step along the way.

I have offically begun using my ChaCha access as a fully-trained Guide. As an added surprise, it has turned out to be a lot of fun. I have been proposed to. I have answered questions pertaining to, shall we say, male anatomy. I have assisted someone in finding the State Attorney General's office phone number for reasons of emanicipation. A varied lot to be sure. And I've made about $30 in a couple of hours (probably about 3). Not bad.

Associated Content accepted my first article for $3.44 upfront payment. This does not include payment for page views. If I could get over my writer's block and write 8-10 articles per day, that would be some decent money as well.

CashCrate is something that I do every now and then between article writing and ChaCha. I have about $20 in my account. I have four referrals who are now earning money with me!

It's been exciting to see things begin to flourish. I have been pretty neglectful in the past two weeks as business is booming at the boutique. I feel like I haven't had a lot of time to look after my time investments like I should. I think that's what makes this even better though. The fact that I haven't been entirely attentive or involved and things are still beginning to happen however slowly. I promise to see this through and I hope that you'll stick with me as well on this adventure. Thank you!

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j.lucy muses said...

I'd like you to "keep going"... I'm so overwhelmed by all the info available, to have someone else figure it out for me is great! I'm very impressed that you are exploring so many avenues (and working and raising kids and ...)

I have put your page on my blog list so I'll check you often.