Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Check Out Squidoo

I'm way late in the game on this one, but I wanted to put it out there for anyone else just getting their toes wet in writing online.

Squidoo allows you to easily create your own webpage about anything you can dream up. The set up is easy and takes minutes. After you have set up a page you can go back and add information as you'd like. This is a great way to backlink to your articles on AC, eHow, Bukisa, and other passive income sites.

Squidoo can also earn you affiliate sales and ad revenue through Adsense. I'm a fan because with pages being so easy to create you are wasting absolutely no time and getting results.

Add Squidoo to your portfolio to help grow your online content web. I must admit that it can be a little addicting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We're Back to WAHMing!

Hi, everyone! We've been busy getting and losing jobs outside the home around these parts and it has left AMWC sorely neglected. Not so anymore. I will be working outside the home 8 hours a day but I will work school year only so WAH will be my work of choice when school's out.

We are getting a jump on the upcoming Spring and Summer breaks and already have lots of news and ideas to share. Keep tuned for some of the best tips and tricks.

Later today we will discuss how to set up a BLOG THAT EARNS YOU MONEY! No kidding. Have a good day and check with us for updates!