Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Things Done!

Although I've been away from this blog for some time I've been working hard on a lot of other projects, and, get this, actually accomplishing some goals! I know, right?

Back at the beinning of the year I had my writer status with Suite 101 removed because I couldn't keep up with a full time job and writing for them. With the summer I've been able to get back on with Suite and I'm working on getting some great articles published. I'm currently researching keywords and average search volumes to ensure that all the articles I write there perform well. To learn more about keywords and using them to boost your earning potential, check out Willow's blog. She's laid out a great tutorial that is free and really easy to implement. Thank you, Willow!

I landed another private client today. I love expanding my resume and learning new things. I think tackling web design is next up on my to do list! Anyone know of some good web design classes or do-it-yourself books I should check out?

How is everyone doing goals-wise? I think, for myself anyway, that goal-setting is a tough one. I set goals and then I don't achieve them but only because they change and shift while I'm in the process of learning.

Thanks, all, for following along!