Thursday, October 9, 2008

QualityGal Needs SEO Writers

QualityGal is a web page building service. They need ghostwriters to dish up SEO-content on a variety of subjects.

I applied to QualityGal last week. If you choose to apply you will need to use an email server other than hotmail or comcast. I heard back right away (well, except that this was an email account that I never use so I didn't know that I'd heard back. When I remembered to check there I had all of her other emails but not my test assignment was in the spam folder) and I am now ready to do my test assignment (if they'll still have me).

Every article of 500+ words is worth $10. I feel that a lot of the content is similar so you don't need to do a lot of research. QualityGal actually states that she would rather you stuck to your area of expertise so that you didn't have to go searching around. Time is of the essence.

I'll let you know how things are going with this lead. Just check back to this post!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Residual Income, Passive Earnings With eHow

Okay, Folks, I have to admit that I nearly missed the boat on this one. As you know I currently write How-To articles for Demand Studios at $15 a piece. I've made $555 in about two months time as I started on 8/6/08. Really, this isn't bad money, right? But what if I told you I could have kept the rights to my articles and made a consistent amount of money that actually grew month after month? Well, I still can, and after I use the immediate, upfront pay from Demand Studios to pay October's bills I will be doing just that. I kick myself that I've already given away 37 articles that could have been earning me passive income for years to come.

Here's How It Works
The Writer's Compensation Program (WCP) at eHow will pay it's writers a share of ad revenue for each page impression. So each month the writer will earn residual income that they didn't have to do any extra work for. You can't make more hours in a day for working, but you can make your completed articles work for you. Passive earnings are the top way to boost your work at home income because you can be doing other things while your articles are sitting there.

How To Make Your Money Faster
I wouldn't have thought that this would be an entirely lucrative solution but fellow WAHM has shown me the light. Maria over at My Work At Home Mom Blog as simplified this process and the payoff has been great for her. She's also written an ebook well worth its cost about how to be successful at eHow and earning passive income there. Just take a look at her month-by-month stats. She started out low but the articles grew for her each month. Keep in mind that all of that income is residual. She did no extra work to earn that money.

With Maria's ebook you will avoid her own learning curve and earn your residual income that much faster. How does an extra $900 per month sound to you? Buy Now