Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Becoming a ChaCha Guide

Now that I think of it, my first foray into an online income started with the innovative company, ChaCha. The reason I had forgotten this is because I haven't actually used my account yet. To get you started I'll give a quick overview.

ChaCha is best described as a human-based, portable search-engine. As a user you would text any question you have to 242242 (spells chacha). Only standard text fees from your carrier apply. In a few minutes you have answer sent back in text. This is what the Infoseeker sees. As a Guide you are on your computer and logged into the Universe. A doorbell sounds and a pop-up gives you the option of answering a query. Using the resources provided by ChaCha you quickly search the Internet for an answer. You reply back in a box and ChaCha sends a tiny url to the user as well. It's a nifty invention for both Infoseeker and Guide. As a guide you are paid .20 per answered query. Since answering a query takes under 3 minutes you can answer many and the money adds up quickly.

You must apply and receive an invitation to test. After you accept the invite you take the 3 subject Fitness Test. Once the test is passed you take the simulator test and get to see how the Universe really works. Answer 15 questions and wait approximately 24 hours for the results to be sent via email. I know many people who are Guides and doing great. You only work when you want to and you can do other things on your computer while in the Universe. It really doesn't get much better for the Internet-addicted!

To apply please visit

You can use my email as a reference during the initial application. Just comment below with any questions and I will email you.

I'd love to assist you in passing the exams. Using my email will give you a one-on-one start to the world of ChaCha.

Happy ChaCha-ing


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