Saturday, September 27, 2008

Content Production and SEO

I know that I have seriously been neglecting my duties here at Morning so let's jump right back in and I will try to catch everyone up with what I've been learning and doing!

Demand Studios continues to be my rock at the moment. I think content producing is my wahm forte. Content producers write articles that cover niche topics. These articles are then sold to webmasters and online marketers to use on niche sites where they earn revenue through ads and affiliate programs.

Whew! Yeah, I've been busy. Content producers write articles that have a certain density of the keyword phrase (usually the title phrase) in them so that search engines (like Google) will find the content, and thus the site, easily. More traffic from the search engines equals more people clicking the ads which means higher revenue to the site. The way I'm doing it right now I end up selling my rights to the material and therefore get no revenue share from the site but I do get that upfront fee of $15 (that's the Demand Studios payment...depending on which content-seller you write for the pay will be different).

You can also produce content for your own use. Building niche websites with ads and affiliate links means that you then keep 100% of the profit instead of selling your content to a large house for upfront payment. This kind of building takes a lot of time and effort. Since I'm back to substitute teaching I don't yet have time to learn web design in order to accomplish this. But it may be exactly what you need!

I hope that this post lays out search engine optimization (SEO) clearly for you. That is the easiest, no-frills way to explain what niche content does for a site and a webmaster. Well-optimized content is the most important part of building a monetized (for profit through ads) site.

Check out SEO for Dummies for more in-depth discussion of content producing for search engine optimization.

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