Friday, April 3, 2009

Write for Sites That Provide Residual Income

I've been thinking about the difference in writing for upfront pay with companies like Demand Studios, Quality Gal, Textbroker and occasionally Associated Content versus writing for "yourself" by placing articles up that will earn residual income from adclicks. My writing efforts were originally born out of necessity. I needed to make money to pay my bills. When you are struggling to make ends meet as a writer you definitely opt for quick money with upfront pay. Without the sites mentioned above I would have been sunk!

Now that my situation has changed I have felt the need to look at the bigger picture. It's nice to be afforded this opportunity. I am looking at where I want to be in 2 years and beyond. I know that I don't want to be writing like a madwoman all through the night to make deadlines on low-paying articles. Articles that, if I had kept the rights and published them with my byline at another site, could continue to earn money for me well into the future. So, it is time to re-examine my goals with this blog and with my web-writing in general.

Over the course of the year (and beyond, but I need a goal and a timeline) I will be submitting articles to various residual income sites that will pay through my current Adsense account or on their own through Paypal. These are the sites that I am currently a member of:


This site has proven to be a money-maker for many writers building their residual income streams. There are lots of great ebooks and even some inspiring, free tutorials to get started with. There is definitely a method to making eHow work. You must know how to keyword your articles to get some good ads and attract folks to click on those ads. It is very motivating to see some other web writers making passive income from this site.


Bukisa pays by pageviews, much like AC. The Bukisa Index tells the author what 1000 pageviews are worth for the month. The index changes depending on ad revenue for the site. For each 1000 pageviews the author usually earns between $3-$4 (this is a very rough estimate...keep an eye on the indexfor yourself).


So far I like Xomba because it provides my articles with backlinks which in turn helps their search engine ranking and position. It also pays some residuals through my current Adsense account. Works for me!


A great resource for moms to write for and get information from. Pays a portion of Adsense revenue through Google account. Great community over there!

Foodie Mama

Part of the Type-A-Mom company, Foodie Mama is all about great food and family recipes, dining, and kids. This site pays through Adsense a portion of the Adsense revenue.

Associated Content

Pays for pageviews and also offers some upfront pay every now and again. Right now, AC is low on my priority list, but that could always change.

So there you have it. Now for the goals. I hope to write enough for one article per day on either Bukisa or eHow and then post Xomblurbs to build backlinks to these articles. With "spare" time, I'd like to build up content at Foodie and Type-A. Like I said before, AC is low on the priority list. And then there's Suite101. I was accepted there in November but I started working a full time job and had not time so I put them on the back burner. I'm hoping to get writing for them in a serious way very soon!

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