Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All of Your Eggs In One Basket...and Other Wise Words

I've tried many different online methods of making money this summer. Thus far, they have all been legitimate business from which I have been able to make some extra money. However, none of these could pay my bills on their own. This realization leads me to discuss the importance of multiple income streams.

As an online entrepreneur (um, and I am one because I have business cards that say so) the first "rule" that you need to be aware of is that you cannot rely on one thing to bring you all of the money you need. Also, getting started is the hard part. Right now, I am researching and, through trial and error, finding out what methods are most time and cost effective. Combine the winning methods and you have a good start at earning your potential.

It is also in your best interests to figure out what you enjoy doing. The activities we find pleasure in automatically have the potential to earn us more money simply because we are good at them and have no problem spending some significant time devoted to them. I enjoy writing. It doesn't matter what the subject of my rambling happens to be; I just like putting words to paper (or screen). Thus, I have been searching for more writing sites and building a good Web writing resume.

Find what works for you, what you love doing, and what activities are earning you the most money for your effort. With this formula you cannot go wrong. Stick to your goals and doors will open that you never realized existed.
Above all, have fun!

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